Blaster 6.5 1701P-RE

Meet the Blaster 6.5 RE

This is my latest creation. a 6.5 fpe tack driver. i have achieved some super fine results from tuning this pistol. approximately 25-30 shots with around 1000 usable psi and a super tight spread over most of the operating range. one ragged hole at 40 yards is the norm with this gun.  a velocity of 585 is expected using  a Crosman 7.9 grain pellet.    a ported and polished air stripper, knee shelf, grips and some extras inside the gun makes this one my new favorite. when porting the air stripper one will loose the front sight post.   there are options on how one wants to set this gun up. call for details.

caliber:          177

velocity         585 10 inch barrel

spread           15

shot count   25+

pellet              7.9 cpl

usable psi     1000

accuracy      1/4 inch 25 yards

fill pressure    3000 psi

refill                   2000

tune                $110.00