Artimas PP700 RE


caliber     177/22-

Ronnie Easton tuned with a tight spread-

Scott Steenhoek machined parts

hole drilled to proper size in shroud for better air flow

trigger stop included


 energy  per request-

hammer spring ground flat optimized for performance-

crown polished-

lead in polished-

aluminum fore stock included for competition per AAFTA rules 

allowing for a 1/2 inch pad to be added-

fore stock is also used for bench rest or bag shooting-

fore stock also fits the PP700 air max pistol

loading port handle included- one hand opperation-

scope/sight rail included=

fully tricked out weighs less than a Marauder Pistol 




Using a 9 power bug buster scope at 27 yards –

off the knee at 12 fpe 🙂

Regulator adjusted-                                                                                     

trigger adjusted for competition-

seals replaced where needed with higher quality o rings-

valve return spring ground down and polished-



features ==

Hammer adjuster under grip

external regulator adjustment

external transfer port adjustment

air pressure gauge

factory trigger guard included



Price for PP700 above with machined parts

shipped ….. $525.00

price for un tuned PP700 with out machined parts