Marauder Pistol Tack 12


i have developed an incredible tune for the Marauder Pistol according to National Champion Ray Apelles for Team Crosman.  I received one of the first pistols off the production line and have been on a mission ever since in hopes of getting a better shot to shot consistency and to increase the shot count. although tuned for competition, it makes a great hunting rig out to 35 and even 50 yards on small pests.

along with some other secrets, I polished the lead-in on the barrel. This will insure a smooth feed of the pellet. a smooth feed translates to better accuracy.  i also polish the crown of the barrel and widen the holes on the factory air stripper giving better performance. a hole is also drilled at the precise diameter to evacuate the air to the end of the barrel shroud. this also translates to better accuracy down range  because the gun is running smoother, and as a result, lowers the db.
once tuned, a shooter can fill at 2 desired fill pressures. a slightly lower fill pressure will give a super tight spread for long range shooting out to 50 yards and beyond, and the higher fill pressure will give even more shots for in tight spaces inside 35 yards.

caliber       22

energy11-12 pfe
2900 (+- psi fill) 1900 (+- psi refill)

for 40 shots @ 25 spread
price for RE Tack-12 tune…….$110.00